OOP Is Still Cool In 2021

Why is object-oriented programming still the best we have and how can it help us build well-designed microservices?

It is 2021, IT has already eaten almost the whole world and we have developed tools that make paradigms from the 60s such as OOP seriously outdated, right? Well, not really.

Beautiful objects by Joan Miro (Blue II)

Principles of Object-Oriented Design and Programming

Alright, what are the most fundamental principles then?

Object-Oriented Microservices

Nowadays, no technical post would be complete without mentioning microservices, an extremely popular architectural design pattern for building distributed systems.

  • owns its data and rules,
  • is fully in control.


It is 2021 and we still don’t have a lucid understanding of how to develop our software. The IT industry grows rapidly and requirements change too quickly for us to catch up.

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