Learning WebAssembly

A series of learning texts covering the first steps with WebAssembly for complete beginners.

Learning WebAssembly Series by Tomas Tulka

Some time ago I started learning WebAssembly as an absolute beginner. It has been an exciting but not so simple journey.

I decided to publish my continuous and probably neverending notices to make your learning path a little easier.

Here is the actual list of already finished posts. I will constantly update and extend it.

Hello, World of Wasm!

Wasm Binary Format

Wat Programming Basics

Wasm Memory and Working with Strings

Running Wasm in the Browser

Running Wasm in Node.js

Introducing WASI

Compiling into Wasm

AssemblyScript Basics

Image Processing in AssemblyScript

You are welcome to join me on the exciting journey of learning WebAssembly!

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