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  • Salil Arora

    Salil Arora

    Software Developer at Microsoft

  • Robert Passmann

    Robert Passmann

    I’m a logician working in mathematics and philosophy. PhD Candidate at ILLC, University of Amsterdam.

  • Aaron Turner

    Aaron Turner

    Skate. Music. Video Games. Code. Developer / Developer Relations at Wasmer. All opinions expressed are my own. Please excuse the spelling, I am a lazy typist.

  • Jason Knight

    Jason Knight

    Accessibility and Efficiency Consultant, Web Developer, Musician, and just general pain in the arse

  • Adrian Hornsby

    Adrian Hornsby

    Principal, EC2 Core @awscloud ☁️ I break stuff .. mostly. Opinions here are my own.

  • Robert M. Lefkowitz

    Robert M. Lefkowitz

    Software Architect, Retired

  • Daniel Harper

    Daniel Harper

    video game fan. software engineer @ Cloudflare (opinions own)

  • Thiago Hirai

    Thiago Hirai

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