• Thanakrit Prmpoomiwet

    Thanakrit Prmpoomiwet

  • Cuong Tran

    Cuong Tran

  • Erik Schön

    Erik Schön

    Executive and strategist who has successfully developed and deployed strategy for over 20 years in small, medium and large organizations.

  • Maodo DIOP

    Maodo DIOP

    Software Architect,JEE developer,Red Hat lover, microservices and distributed systems, author,

  • Gabriel Reifegerste

    Gabriel Reifegerste

  • Shormistha Chatterjee

    Shormistha Chatterjee

    Dzone Contributor| Blogger| Co-author | Sr. Writer| Silent observer on Medium, reads every day and love to write.

  • Stein Janssen

    Stein Janssen

    Passionate about software development and personal finance.

  • Ayrton Lima

    Ayrton Lima

    Back-end Developer on the journey to Full Stack Web Developer. Write weekly about this journey and Python. Sometimes write about other things too.

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