Developer On A Job Interview

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Software Today

Tell me about yourself

Personal integrity

What, how and why

Analyze, be creative

You’re supposed to be happy too

How to do your homework


  • Software today is less about technology and more about people.
  • Working code is no more enough, you have to communicate your work.
  • Teamwork is a fundamental prerequisite for success.
  • Ability and will to learn is crucial.
  • Your personal profile is at least as important as your hard skills.
  • Be honest, consistent and integrous. Don’t lie.
  • A good engineer must know why and understand trade-offs.
  • Analyze, be creative, and share your thoughts.
  • Ask questions, show interest.
  • When working on a task, use best practices, but keep it simple.
  • The job must fit you.




Software developer and occasional blogger:

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Tomas Tulka

Tomas Tulka

Software developer and occasional blogger:

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