Developer On A Job Interview

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Software Today

Software development nowadays is less about technology and more about people. Good communication skills, knowledge sharing, and team spirit are essential qualities of software professionals in modern organizations. Software becomes more and more a people problem.

Tell me about yourself

A few honest sentences about yourself, your background, personal values, and what you are looking for, a nice photo, hobbies, and interests are more valuable than an overwhelming list of technologies and programming languages you touched since your studies.

Personal integrity

It’s easy to make things up. There’s mostly no way how the interviewers could possibly check if all that you say is true. Well, there is a way. We can call it an integrity check.

What, how and why

What and how questions are familiar to every developer. There are plenty of interview questions over the Internet everyone can just print and learn at bedtime as a poem:

Analyze, be creative

A lot of questions are not meant to be answered directly or even correctly. Many of them have an open ending or no solution at all. Interviewers are interested more in your thought process and solving skills than in a precise answer.

You’re supposed to be happy too

The task of an interviewer is to find out if you’re a good fit for the team and the organization she represents. Your task is to figure out if the team and the organization is a good fit for you.

How to do your homework

Last but not least is a technical task, usually given as homework with limited time in the first phases of the interview process.


Let’s summarize the most important points to be aware of when preparing for an interview as a software developer:

  • Working code is no more enough, you have to communicate your work.
  • Teamwork is a fundamental prerequisite for success.
  • Ability and will to learn is crucial.
  • Your personal profile is at least as important as your hard skills.
  • Be honest, consistent and integrous. Don’t lie.
  • A good engineer must know why and understand trade-offs.
  • Analyze, be creative, and share your thoughts.
  • Ask questions, show interest.
  • When working on a task, use best practices, but keep it simple.
  • The job must fit you.



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